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Rick McGuire - Subway Creatures - Playlist

Rick is the man behind the viral Instagram account Subway Creatures, which captures New York City's most colorful and bizarre subterranean characters and has nearly 700k followers.

Rick McGuire from Subway Creatures at Port Authority. Photo: Phil O'Brien

ADELLA W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave The food is amazing and my favorite part is the outdoor seating when the weather gets warm. Definitely a "go-to" for me.

LANSDOWNE ROAD 10th Ave - 43rd/44th St The perfect sports bar for whatever game may be on TV. I'm a Cleveland Indians fan and they put the game on just for me one night.


10th Ave - 44th/45th St If you're a big fan of Peruvian food, you probably already know about Pio Pio. The place looks tiny from the outside but once you're inside, it opens up into this huge room. I've gone with a large group before and we had a great time.

OBAO 9th Ave - 45th/46th St The pad see ew here is really good, as well as the pho. You just have to find the right time to go since it can get crowded right before Broadway shows or around dinner time on the weekend. Worth a wait though.

MÉMÉ MEDITERRANEAN 10th Ave - 44th St Not only does Mémé serve authentic Mediterranean food, it also has a cozy, intimate setting. The specialty cocktails and olive bread stand out. PLAYLIST

Rick's Playlist originally appeared in W42ST Magazine issue 36 - February 2018.

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